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SO, sorry for lacking on posts. I've decided to start uploading fanfictions seeing as how everyone loved the first one I ever made (Loki X Reader Another Dream). And for the simple fact that I have a shit tone of unfinished ones on my computer lol.

SO, if you have any ideas for a fanfiction (Avengers, personal OC's, anything really, tho I prefer Avengers lol) message me. 

ANYWAYS- I HAVE been active on here, just not with posts. I've been going through a tornado of problems and emotions recently so I haven't got to make up lost time for posts. so yeah, sorry for lacking on posts. however ATM I am making a new fanfiction that I will post on here (hopefully soon) and hopefully ya'll will like it lol. 
You pace the floor in your room by the large balcony, your mind in a raging whirlwind. It wasn’t that you were upset, but completely board out of your mind. Thor and the others went off to ‘explore the town’, and thinking you would actually enjoy the peace and quiet in the Stark Towers, you stayed behind.

However, you weren’t alone. Loki had stayed behind also, but for the simple fact that he didn’t like outings with everyone. You ran your mind over the thought of going out for a night on the town by yourself, but really, would you want to risk leaving Loki alone in this place?

Speaking of Loki, you wondered where he was at this moment, and that’s when an idea popped into your head, an idea so risky if done, that it could put your life in danger. You smiled at the idea and, being the second craziest person here, you peruse the thought.

Tugging on your boots after putting on a comfortable outfit, you strut out of the room and down the hall, hoping that the person you were seeking was where you had in mind. After climbing only a few flights of stairs, you ended up in Tony’s office, and just as you had hoped, Loki was there, staring out the massive windows.

“Why hello dear” you hear his voice echo into the room as you walk in and strode over to the bar. “Hello Loki” you reply while you begin to pick up each individual bottle on the small shelf and examine it. “And are you here to appeal to my humanity in any way?” he asks as he turns and faces you.

You look up and smile, the plan falling into place so far. “If you count harassing you, then yes” you say. The god only chuckles. “I don’t think that’s such a smart idea, given the fact that no one but us are here” you smile even more as you set the bottle in your hands down on the shelf, “Exactly my point”

“What?” “Let’s be honest here, although I’ve seen you nearly destroy New York, not caring one bit about us simple mortals, would you be willing to consider a mock battle between the two of us while no one is around?” you ask as you walk around the counter and set down on a bar stool. The room erupts with a light laughter from the man, “Are you really that stupid? It would be a one-hit fight, resulting in me sending you flying through the window”

“Aw, I don’t think you could do that much, given the fact you might decline the offer. Oh well, guess I’ll mock battle with Thor when he gets back” you sigh as you turn and lean over the counter. “I never said I would decline” “I said might, but if you want to then go ahead…pathetic being” you whisper the last part under your breath as your smile widened even more.

Suddenly you felt a vice-like grip squeeze your left arm, and spinning around; you notice that Loki must’ve heard the remark. His eyes were lit with anger so intense that it almost made you regret doing this…almost. “I beg your pardon, mortal. Did I just hear you call me a-” “-pathetic being? Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?” you sneer.

Loki’s laugh was dark, “What am I going to do? I’ll show you what I’m going to do” he growls as he pitches your forward off the stool. Being trained by Natalia, you knew how to do maneuvers in situations such as this; you regain your balance fast enough and spin to face the pissed off god.

“Is that all you got?” you taunt. “If it’s a fight you want, then it’s a fight you’ll get” he replies as he prowls over to you, and you ready yourself in a fighting stance. Your heartbeat quickened and you could feel the area where his hand had been holding your arm, but your main focus was on him.

“You are, a foolish thing, if you think you can stand up to someone as powerful as me.” Loki says as he walks up and stands but a mere finger’s length away from you, his hot breath brushing your face. You smirk, reach up, and poke him in the chest as hard as you could; “such big talk for a weak thing” you berate.

In an instant, Loki’s left hand was clasp around your throat and your feet were off the ground, yet you kept calm. “Listen to me you mewling quim, I am not to be harassed by such a worthless and dim creature such as you.” He snarled; his voice rough and demented as his eyes locked onto yours with a scowl that would’ve terrified anyone else.

A sudden laugh burst from your mouth, a dark, demented laugh that even startled you. “Come on then, show me what you’ve got, you mewling quim” you mock before raising your knees to your chest and kicking out, sending you dropping to the floor as Loki broke the contact between you and stumbled back.

Taking a deep breath, you stand and leap at him, landing your body weight square in the middle of his chest, knocking him over while his balance was still off. As fast as you had landed on him, he rallied back with equal speed, flipping you over and pinning you to the cold floor. “My, aren’t you feisty? You can’t break from this grip”

Using all your strength, you arch your back, pull your arms in, and twist your hands towards Loki’s thumbs, the way you should actually break free from anyone’s grip. Although you knew it would leave a mark, it worked and you were able to sit up and swipe your hand across his face; leaving three bright red scratches across his left cheek.

Shocked that you hit him, Loki then growled and went to pin you down again, but you reach up, grabbed his right hand with your left, and your right hand grasp around his throat. Bending your fingers inward, you felt your nails begin to dig into his skin, and you only smiled as you could see slight pain spark behind his bright green eyes.

Pulling your legs out from under him, you stand, using your grip on the god’s throat to push your body up. With a sudden blur, you bring your foot up and kick his chest again, this time sending him reeling backwards. You get a swell of satisfaction rise inside you as you hear your boot buckles jingle with every step you take towards the shocked man. “I didn’t think you could fight like that, though I was going easy on you” he said as he dabbed his fingers against his neck where your nails had been previously.

“Relax, your neck isn’t bleeding. And well, other than having an advantage by being trained by Natalia, I have an advantage in personal strength as well.” You say as you offer your hand to him. Loki only snorts before standing on his own. “You play hard, I like that.” He said as he walked over and sat on a bar stool.

Perfect timing, everyone had just got back and walked through the doors. You smile and watch as Thor was the first one to notice what you had just lied about, “Brother, your neck is bleeding! And you have scratches on your cheek!” the demi-god blurted as he walked over to Loki and wiped the scarlet liquid off of his neck. The raven haired god shot you a venomous glare, “you just lied to me!”

You smiled as you turned and walked away, “who said I would ever tell you the truth? Maybe next time you’ll think twice about fighting someone like me, taking it easy or not.”
Rough Housing (Loki X Reader)
yeah yeah, I know I made Loki seem a bit weak in this, but I kinda just half-assed it after suffering from major writer's block previous to this. I wanted to get something out before the block took over lol. 

Loki, Thor, Natalia, belong to Marvel!! 
All was quiet in the Stark Tower, as Tony and the gang went out for a time on the town. All except Thor, who made it his duty to watch over you; even though you insisted that he go with everyone and have fun.

“Nonsense” he has said when you told him, “Ok, but it’s your loss” you say as you turn and walk off, but that was earlier.

At the moment, you were setting and flipping through the channels on the large flat-screen TV in the large living room like of that particular floor. Sighing and finally leaving it on a cooking show, you watch as the chef is preparing a dish of sautéed fish. Watching these shows always made you hungry, so by the 3rd minute of watching the show; you get up and curiously wonder around the kitchen in search of some food.

After repeatedly opening and closing multiple cupboards and finding nothing, you were about to give up when you happen to open the fridge, as it was the last place you looked, and found a bag of unopened gummy worms.

“Ah-ha! And Bingo was his name-o” you say out loud as you take them from the top shelf and smile. “Who is this Bingo you speak of?” a rumbling voice said from behind you. Jumping and turning as you closed the fridge door, you see Thor standing at the edge of the kitchen; his head tilted to the side and a curious expression to match the pose.

“Oh, Bingo is a game, but I use that phrase when I’ve found something good, take for example these” you say as you raise the cool bag of treats in the air. “And what are ‘these’?” Thor asks as he follows you to the couch and sets down next to you.

“These? These are gummy worms, they’re pretty good” you say as you pull the bag open and grab one to pop in your mouth. Thor’s face became more contorted with curiosity the more he stared at you as you nommed on the chewy treat.

Noticing him staring, you grab a green and yellow one out of the bag before handing it to the god; “here” you said “try one”

He took it from your hand, but only stared at it a bit longer before asking “you can eat these? I thought worms were a Midgardian creature that lives underground and eats soil” you giggle as you finish the one you were eating, “yes, those are also worms, but these ones you can eat, they’re not alive, they’re candy” you explain as you grab another one.

Shocked by the explanation, the god then proceeded to pop the candy into his mouth and began to eat it. You watched his facial expressions turn from wonder to delighted, “Bing was his name-o” he suddenly said with a smile. “I see you like them then” you reply as you hand the bag to him.

He grinned even more as he took a hand-full of them. “Won’t Tony be mad that you ate these worms?” Thor asked before he ate another one, “we won’t tell him” you say.


It wasn’t until 9 at night that the gang returned from their outing. “So how’s it going you two?” Tony asked as he and the group strode in, and Thor turns to him with an excited attitude; “Today I learned that there are all sorts of these gummy candies that you can eat! Some in the shape of bears, others like snakes” he says as his eyes flourish with happiness and he shifts to set on his knees looking over the back of the couch.

You smiled at the image of Thor having dog ears and a tail with the way he was setting, his tail wagging ferociously back and forth with all the excitement he has. Steve and the others laugh as you turn just in time to see Tony open the fridge.

“Yeah, uh speaking of candy, do you know where my gummy worms went to? They were setting here on the top shelf”

“Oh! Those kind too, those gummy worms, they are really good” the still excited god exclaims. You realize what he said and went to shush him, but it was too late, “Oh, so you ate them?” Tony asked as he closed the door on the fridge and turned to look at him.

Thor nodded, “we ate them” he said as he pointed to you.

You look at Tony with a sly smile, silently praying Thor wouldn’t say anything else, but your prayer went unanswered. “She was saying the name of a game when I asked what she had and she showed them to me and then we proceeded to eat them and watch the TV”

“So both of you ate them… C’mon man I was saving those for a bedside snack tonight” the other man whines as he shook his head. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Well then I’m going to change into something more comfortable” Tony said as he walked out of the room, and agreeing with him, the others followed and left for their own bedrooms.

Thor looks back at you, and with such innocence beaming from him, you couldn’t stay even a little upset at him for telling about the candy. “Can we get some more tomorrow?” he asked, and you nodded, “Yeah we can get some more-” you were cut off by a sudden constrictor like hug from him.

“I can’t wait!” he said with such happiness. You smiled and hugged him back; laughing at how excited he was about something as simple as a gummy worm.
Here, Try This (Thor X Reader X Avengers)
Silly Thor, telling Tony about the wonderful candy he had XD 

I would LOVE to see someone draw that scene where the reader imagined Thor with dog ears/tail lol that'd be so cute 

Thor, Avengers (C) Marvel 

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SO, sorry for lacking on posts. I've decided to start uploading fanfictions seeing as how everyone loved the first one I ever made (Loki X Reader Another Dream). And for the simple fact that I have a shit tone of unfinished ones on my computer lol.

SO, if you have any ideas for a fanfiction (Avengers, personal OC's, anything really, tho I prefer Avengers lol) message me. 

ANYWAYS- I HAVE been active on here, just not with posts. I've been going through a tornado of problems and emotions recently so I haven't got to make up lost time for posts. so yeah, sorry for lacking on posts. however ATM I am making a new fanfiction that I will post on here (hopefully soon) and hopefully ya'll will like it lol. 


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I am a horse loving person, I'm really easy to get along with. I write stories, play video games, I also do photography

My Skype: Noctissparrow

Yes. I am a fan of yaoi. have a problem?

I watch anime.

I do cosplay.

I have my moments when I can be bitchy, but thats all part of being a girl XD

I do have EXTREAMLY weird dreams, I'll post them on here so you have been warned! beware my weird dreams XD

I dedicate my heart to the ones I love and to my work as well. I love to write. I will express my emotions through my poems and stories so be ready to read some emotional poems =D

I am Bisexual, Got a problem? Then keep it to yourself, lol ;3

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